Your Personal League of Legends Counter

QuickPick is a free, small and fast Java programm to get easy counterpicks for League of Legends. You can even create your own counterpicks. It is designed to provide a solid and quick acccess. See here some Screenshots. Already over 7000 Downloads!

  • Give it a try!

    Please make sure that you have the newest version of Java installed. Tested operating system is Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X. Hit the Download button to get a fresh version of QuickPick. Tell it your friends, if you like it! Any problems or questions? Try the FAQ.


  • Why should i use it?

    Its simply more comfortable and faster. You dont have to tab between two Windows to look for a counter while banning & selecting Champions. Maybe you have sometimes the feeling, that a Champion who was suggested as counter from a other source does not work very well. So try another Champion and simply update your personal list!


    • Full list of Counter Champions (16 Counter per Champion)
    • General Counter Information, Spells and Items
    • All Information editable
    • Create Notes to every Champion
    • Develop and manage your own League of Legends Database!
    • Customize the Layout